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Picturesque Samobor & Samobor Castle Tour

Arriving in Samobor, a private walking tour can start, and it starts with Samobor Castle. After visiting Samobor Castle, you will visit all hidden gems of this picturesque city.

Istria castle Tour

Stone cities and castles are the remainings of all the empires that ruled in Istria throughout the ages. By embarking on this tour, you will witness the rise and fall of the emperors that dared to lay their foot on hard Istrian land.

Varazdin and Zagorje Castle Tour

Varazdin one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Croatia, city of baroque, music and flowers. Visit the Old city of Varazdin beautiful fort which is believed to date from the 12th century and explore Zagorje castles.

Castles and palaces in Croatia that are worth visiting
Maruševec Castle

One of many gems in the northern Croatia, within Varaždin county, it used to be a beautiful medieval burg dating from the 14th century. It was enlarged in the 17th century by the family Vragović, and after many owners, it ended in the hands of Pongratz family.

Feštetić Castle

One of the most romantic castles, especially in Međimurje, Feštetić castle is settled near Čakovec. Famous noble family Zrinski used to rule here in the 16th and 17th century. Count Feštetić renewed the castle in Neo-Gothic style in the 19th century.

Ozalj Castle

Medieval town Ozalj above the river Kupa was first built in the 6th century but was converted into a castle and given the form we see today in the 18th century.

Why should you visit Croatia?
Knock-out beaches

Of which there are plenty – just don’t bank for sand. Croatia is famed for its scenic pebbled beaches, which are beautifully lapped by crystal clear water.

Charming Towns

Croatia is also home to numerous small towns and villages. You can get a better feel for the people and authentic culture when you visit towns like Vrlika, Slunj and Cres.

Enchanting Castles

When you visit Croatia, you will be able to tour some of the county’s best castles.


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